Prevention & Treatment

The South Texas High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (STX HIDTA) sponsors and supports Prevention programs in conjunction with Federal, state and local prevention partners in the STX HIDTA area of responsibility (AOR).

The STX HIDTA Prevention Initiative is led by a dedicated staff member who serves in the position of Prevention Coordinator. The goal of Prevention and Demand Reduction is to advance, support, and accomplish the HIDTA mission of drug prevention through educational activities that empower participating law enforcement members and members of the communities the STX HIDTA serves. This support translates into partnerships with Drug Free Community Coalitions, Educational Service Centers, Community Anti-Drug/Alcohol Coalitions and YMCA Community Programs for children and young adults throughout the STX HIDTA AOR.

The national HIDTA program has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop the Overdose Response Strategy (ORS), an initiative designed to enhance public health-public safety collaborations and to strengthen efforts to reduce drug overdose deaths across HIDTA regions.

The South Texas HIDTA offers its Prevention resources through outreach to the STX HIDTA initiatives and participating prevention organizations in the region and ensures the Prevention activities are compliant with HIDTA policies and grant regulations.

The ultimate objectives of the South Texas HIDTA Prevention Initiative are to:

  • Educate the public in the dangers of substance abuse
  • Provide substance use/abuse prevention tools to our youth
  • Inform parents, teachers, employers, employees and counselors of signs of substance abuse in children
  • Provide our Prevention Partners with the needed resources to accomplish similar goals
  • Guide those with substance abuse disorders to effective treatment and recovery programs


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